Forum to exchange information about phone numbers in the US


3052096764 or +13052096764

Susana commented 2019-10-19
Disrespectful political campaign. Very bad


3152724292 or +13152724292

Jack commented 2019-10-19
Being used to scam people


6016895528 or +16016895528

Aryan raj commented 2019-10-19
I got a call from this number and get some abusive verbal message which is so harassing


8135681265 or +18135681265

me commented 2019-10-19
4 - calls each day leaves no messages


6415123590 or +16415123590

C. Frantum commented 2019-10-19
The owner of this number is being bullied online but this site refuses to remove the bullying comments.


8317414562 or +18317414562

Peter commented 2019-10-19
This is a spam message. How could people do that to other. They should be punish or find


5128564195 or +15128564195

Ariss commented 2019-10-19


6415123590 or +16415123590

16415123590 commented 2019-10-19
She's not a nice girl. She sleeps with married men. She is a homewrecker. She has hacked me forcover 2 years. Caused me 40,000 in phones,tablets,smart watches,bank account,etc


6468681267 or +16468681267

Michella commented 2019-10-19
one new friend told me this is her number and i think it's not real person. if you have any information about this kindly contact my email (


8554440287 or +18554440287

Florija * commented 2019-10-19
This number was used to harass and threaten blackmail.


8448574770 or +18448574770

Jayden * commented 2019-10-19
He tried to tell me that he offers financial services to provide a loan, when I do not even have a credit card.


8447002227 or +18447002227

Valerie * commented 2019-10-19
This is a scammer. He called me 25 minutes. At the beginning of the conversation, I wanted them to remove me from the list of calls, and then behave as if I were a robot.


8445399194 or +18445399194

Bruno * commented 2019-10-19
They called because there was a virus on my computer. Cheater


8444853204 or +18444853204

Stanlye * commented 2019-10-19
They say they help with credit card debt.


8337090037 or +18337090037

Marlene commented 2019-10-19
This is a toll free service number 833-709-0037. I did not answer it & no message was left on my machine. Any idea who they are?


2105647658 or +12105647658

Lala commented 2019-10-19
I need to know who that is


8048892822 or +18048892822

SK commented 2019-10-19
Left me a text stating that I got a $1000.00 WalMart gift card!


6415123590 or +16415123590

John commented 2019-10-19
This number is used by a very real, nice young woman. She is being harassed online. Carrie is great.


8000664998 or +18000664998

none commented 2019-10-18
Social Security Scam Caller


8503478689 or +18503478689

Manoj commented 2019-10-19
Has proposed me so want to know genuiine ir not so need owners details