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2533240326 or +12533240326

chad robling commented 2020-07-10
When you find out can you please let me know they've been calling then hanging up


2192258888 or +12192258888

Molly commented 2020-07-10
I could barely understand who was talking as there was a lot of background noise. The speaker accused me of having poor character for not remembering a call two weeks ago, but I truly don’t remember it.


8667000106 or +18667000106

Paula Maros commented 2020-07-10
This is a phishing number. Supposed to be apple support. Gregory Boyle asked me to go buy 3 ebay cards and give him a call back @ 845-622-2210 and give him the activation code so he could remove hacking issue on my computer. Apple has no such number listed as to my knowledge. STAY AWAY


7025106480 or +17025106480

afaf commented 2020-07-10


9372824522 or +19372824522

teresa commented 2020-07-10


8003481556 or +18003481556

Barb commented 2020-07-09
trying to find company name


6076535307 or +16076535307

John commented 2020-07-09
I dont know about This number


3104472276 or +13104472276

Nonya Biz commented 2020-07-09


6018781282 or +16018781282

RJ commented 2020-07-09
Acting really weird, wants to send me a code so I can verify I'm not robot. Kept insisting, although I asked to face-time and he/she said no, he want a code first. really strange behavour.


8777281971 or +18777281971

Chloe Judge Wilson commented 2020-07-09
Car warranty scam robocall, saying that I hadn't answered their mail. Except of course there WAS no mail from them or anyone else.... Total BS. I want to know what company had given these bozos this # so I can sue the carrier for violating the federal law against robocallers.


8181361969 or +18181361969

Mucki commented 2020-07-09
Scam caller


9177712722 or +19177712722

Olaolu commented 2020-07-09
I don't why this number called my phone number


5304307838 or +15304307838

Fred Milton commented 2020-07-09
Also telephone number moved from Wyoming (307) 298.3808 to California (530) 430.7838.......same person named David Thompson!!! SCAM...


5304307838 or +15304307838

Fred Milton commented 2020-07-09
SCAM Alert!!! going to give you back almost $400.00 but got to give them financial info to put back on Credit Card!! Very poor English and gets very confrontational when you question him re: what computer? IP of computer? what antivirus? What credit Card? ETC!!


8444200844 or +18444200844

Gregg commented 2020-07-09
Recieved call listing my number in caller id. answered, had recording saying I had an order with Amazon for a stated amount. If I had not placed this order to call 844-420-0844 to rectify. Knowing it was not on the up and up. I called from a different phone and was answered by a male with Indian accent. Was asked for email address to check my account, gave a fake email, was told to give him a minute to check. He came back and said I had a gift card for some amount, but couldn,t understand the rst of what he and said so a couple of times , he then hung up on me.


6152397992 or +16152397992

Arizona commented 2020-07-09
1-615-239-7992 texted a message stating a $2,500 deposit to bank account from emergency relief.


2029323764 or +12029323764

TonyC commented 2020-07-09
Getting ROBO calls from 202 932-3764 stating it is from Social Security and that there is fraudulent activity on the account! Why would they leave a specific message? I traced number and it is from the D.C. but nothing about SS admin!


5138312600 or +15138312600

Satan Claus * commented 2020-07-09
There are 298 complaints about spam on this phone number. Some users have signed it as "Total Quality Logistics Tql".


8558363987 or +18558363987

Satan Claus * commented 2020-07-09
There are 55 complaints about spam on this phone number. Some users have signed it as "Google".


8664195000 or +18664195000

Satan Claus * commented 2020-07-09
There are 365 complaints about spam on this phone number. Some users have signed it as "Code Red Emergency Alert (System)".