Forum to exchange information about phone numbers in the US


5702812419 or +15702812419

Unknown commented 2017-05-27
Calls several times a day


4049003671 or +14049003671

Frederick b commented 2017-05-26
What the hell. Is this.its talking about add hangout to my contact


9013003437 or +19013003437

Mia commented 2017-05-26
Called on both my regular phone and cell phone at the same time. I answered Neither. I do not give my cell to non important individuals in my life. Proves "the systems" have been us hooked up whether we want it or not. Phone reverse lists show both an US - Memphis area AND an India area. Which do we believe.?


4132811788 or +14132811788

Stephanie Hurley commented 2017-05-26
This number called me...


2532015566 or +12532015566

roy commented 2017-05-26
Scammers pretending to be google


3072622787 or +13072622787

Nobody commented 2017-05-26
Who is this


8642449488 or +18642449488

bob commented 2017-05-26
no answer when picked up


9203932666 or +19203932666

Vanoeteren commented 2017-05-26
Looking to see who left messages.


3048330217 or +13048330217

STOP THE SCAMS commented 2017-05-26
This number keeps sending text messages to my phone with info of my old address. I Don't respond or go on web address attached


6184916957 or +16184916957

Annoyed commented 2017-05-26
Got a few calls ... .. dont recognize the number...


5012663795 or +15012663795

amita commented 2017-05-26
I just got call from this number. Wanna know who's number is this


4054329149 or +14054329149

Jeff commented 2017-05-26
Who texted me


9495154417 or +19495154417

Laura commented 2017-05-26
called my fax phone


8700682457 or +18700682457

Neenu commented 2017-05-26
Ye bohot bimar he. Isko dekhne jana he address nhi pta. Plz help me. He is not well, i want to see him. He deny to get marriage bcouse he is not well couldn't see me. I want to go see him. Plz give me his address


7159659088 or +17159659088

Hallie from Malaysia commented 2017-05-26
Is this Thomas Andreae? Please Whatsapp me soon..


5703990939 or +15703990939

Bear Rollins commented 2017-05-26
This is a collection agency declaring themselves to be Law Enforcement. Officers Jonathan Edwards. They are so stupid, they don't realize they are committing a felony posting as a Police Officer.


6128177323 or +16128177323

Lisa commented 2017-05-26
Calls and hangs up


6514422750 or +16514422750

Jess commented 2017-05-26
Called me this morning


8036748622 or +18036748622

Myisha Anasa Figueroa commented 2017-05-26
I'm being told that the US Treasury is looking for me in this state that I have never lived in I live in California and have been here for 45 years of my life and I'm not alluding anybody


5188510683 or +15188510683

ian medousa commented 2017-05-26
nyc getting to do business with you