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2562512743 or +12562512743

dave commented 2017-05-31
oh ok well then


2026939998 or +12026939998

WSimpson commented 2017-05-31
Deleted Message


5012300676 or +15012300676

megan commented 2017-05-31
who is this number


4147552585 or +14147552585

Who is this commented 2017-05-31
Who is this calling india at 9335905779


4844444444 or +14844444444

Khalid Albuainain commented 2017-05-31
Hi I love the number


8132951345 or +18132951345

Dope commented 2017-05-31
Cool to know just a friend


4792134099 or +14792134099

Sven commented 2017-05-31
Owner of a mail spamming service it seems


2086003076 or +12086003076

Ayan Chattaraj commented 2017-05-31
Ayan Chattaraj


6158383197 or +16158383197

Christiane Seelos - Landsberg commented 2017-05-31
Dear John, hv sent you a mssge on yr email Don't know if you hv rec'd it. Just wanted to know at about what time you will be arriving today. Pls. leave a mssge on our answer phone +49 8191 46631 or call me at Office +49 8191 101 104, or my daughter's mobile +152 241 91895. If you arrive and there is noone at home, pls. take the stairs upwards alongside the house. Key is in the door. Look forward to Meeting you all. BR Chris


3147013246 or +13147013246

John commented 2017-05-31
I just want to know who calling my daughter phone playing


2544776002 or +12544776002

Trajon commented 2017-05-31
Who is this


2483613286 or +12483613286

Ken commented 2017-05-31
Who phone is this


3238633584 or +13238633584

Cyn commented 2017-05-31
Scam.. left me an email saying it was interested in buy an item i place on sale on either Craigslist


2348818183 or +12348818183

Steve Tabor commented 2017-05-31
Called my cell but did not leave a voicemail.


2132620685 or +12132620685

judy commented 2017-05-31
dear call me


7244900594 or +17244900594

beverly commented 2017-05-31
Stop leaving messages on my phone. I don't know you and don't want to know you. if you want to see what is at this link then you look it up. I will report you to the FCC.


6184080146 or +16184080146

Prank caller commented 2017-05-31
This person is texting my number. I don't want any text not calls from this number 618-408-0146


2026934386 or +12026934386

April commented 2017-05-31
They couldn't say my daughters name and when I corrected I spelled and they said yes and I said it was pronounced like this and they said ok good bye. So I called them back they said and they said they are the Federal Grant Hummmm. I don't think so they can't even say Cheyenne, like the capital of Wyoming. I don't think so.


8782030487 or +18782030487

2563282685 commented 2017-05-31
Add this number to ur do not call list OR ill report u for harassment...Have a nice day


3086729220 or +13086729220

Mariah commented 2017-05-31
Track her down