Forum to exchange information about phone numbers in the US


9172751144 or +19172751144

samsul commented 2017-06-17
call from this phone no


5758128462 or +15758128462

shaikh mohammed commented 2017-06-17
Whatsapp me


6318584230 or +16318584230

Renzor commented 2017-06-17
Who is calling?


7602653918 or +17602653918

David commented 2017-06-17
Offering a cheap Orlando vacation


3372742164 or +13372742164

Nina commented 2017-06-17
Who is this


5738404518 or +15738404518

ZbOROVAN commented 2017-06-17
Who are you?


7206695221 or +17206695221

Howard commented 2017-06-17
He in obviously telemarketing


9497719815 or +19497719815

Huhu commented 2017-06-17
Scammer ..... John is a phoney ..... Do not trust this camel jockey


6012284524 or +16012284524

Adam smith commented 2017-06-17
Indian man called me from this # pretending to be the irs and stating there was an arrest warrent issued in my name for tax evasion . scam


2283638639 or +12283638639

Angela commented 2017-06-16
Need to know who this is


6164057909 or +16164057909

Me commented 2017-06-16
Who is this? U just called me


4158859855 or +14158859855

Jane commented 2017-06-16
Looking for Andreo the plaster specialist


2693673430 or +12693673430

Steve commented 2017-06-16
Just got a call from this number.


2061506739 or +12061506739

Not Telling commented 2017-06-16
Got a scam call from this number about 'verifying my Windows information' and wanted to remote in to my PC.


8176753661 or +18176753661

Brett commented 2017-06-16
This lady claims to have a missed call from me but the only entry of this number in my call history is her calling me about 10 minutes ago claiming i called her, people,are weird


7327868848 or +17327868848

GED commented 2017-06-16
"Ask us how you can save money on your electricity bill"


4302280449 or +14302280449

joel commented 2017-06-16
calls phone with no answer


9712418694 or +19712418694

Unknown commented 2017-06-16
No message left


7324087538 or +17324087538

Tracy commented 2017-06-16
This person called my mother claiming to work for the senior outreach program in New Jersey period but my mother does not live in New Jersey period She is uncertain if this number is legit or a scam. They wanted to know who her doctor was. Gave the amount of her monthly earnings to her. And also made her record her name and phone number on a recorded message and told her to say nothing but her name and phone number. Not sure but this may be a scam. They were very rude and interact with my mother.


7792364428 or +17792364428

John commented 2017-06-16
Who are you? Why did you call me at 21:27 (+GMT) on 16.06.2017?