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6463999427 or +16463999427

Shopon Mia commented 2017-07-14
Dawood Hasan owns this!


6463999427 or +16463999427

Husband commented 2017-07-14
This number is owned by a LUICHCHA.


2083207493 or +12083207493

jaime garcia commented 2017-07-14
whos been calling


5617292283 or +15617292283

Joy Mercurio commented 2017-07-14
Hi, my name is Joy Mercurio! This was once my phone number (5617292283) I have had word that I have been trying to be reached. Soooo, if you come across this message and are trying to reach me, please leave a comment here or better yet, message me through messenger on Facebook! (prove you know me though, I'm not talking to some random weirdos lol for real) Thanks so much yall Joy Mercurio


3238126127 or +13238126127

Edgat commented 2017-07-14
Who's number is this an media


9412089118 or +19412089118

Rosalie commented 2017-07-14
Saying it's their final attempt to reach me and I owe taxes and I don't even work I don't say anything I just hang up


9042045426 or +19042045426

cherron washington commented 2017-07-13
Student loan people keep calling. When you try to call back the nunber is disconnected.


2023809934 or +12023809934

Hp commented 2017-07-13
This is a scam phone number


2103460989 or +12103460989

Angie lala commented 2017-07-13
She keeps txn me bs


8629024203 or +18629024203

Spam commented 2017-07-13
Looking to steal your identity


9787122667 or +19787122667

Elreze commented 2017-07-13
I got a phone call from this number


7203985237 or +17203985237

Anoid commented 2017-07-13
Called, knew my number, address, ssn, and birthdate...supposed ARC of Centennial Colorado (which actually is huge state wide thrift store) claiming to be doing collections for Clearview Apts, a Griffis Blessing company of Colorado Springs. ..become threatening after called out on lies and fraud and attempted theft...block this number or contact an attorney to go after Griffis Blessing, a huge property management company of Colorado Springs, Pueblo, and Denver, with very questionable practices anyway, for illegally giving out personal info, and believe me, the calls from this number will stop immediately!


2023843362 or +12023843362

TJ commented 2017-07-13
Student loan reduction. I dont have any.


2404766152 or +12404766152

M.Salauddin commented 2017-07-13
hi there, please let me know where is this person is. i know this person but suddenly this person stooped communicate with me. please let me know. thanks


5672987003 or +15672987003

Dawn Walter commented 2017-07-13
this number is for people who recently has been looking for a job online just a job staffing co. if you wish to be removed just ask


5127130201 or +15127130201

SINAW TEXAS commented 2017-07-13
Texas Sinaw


5012841934 or +15012841934

Tweakers commented 2017-07-13
Bad people and beggars


4025078497 or +14025078497

Me commented 2017-07-13
Can send me the call log


2562524535 or +12562524535

Jirah commented 2017-07-13
I want to confirm if this man is really Michael Oliver from Alabama. I met him online but keeps refusing to show me pictures of him and his dad. He also refuses to video chat with me.


8179394141 or +18179394141

Breanna commented 2017-07-13
Number trying to call me