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9088015651 or +19088015651

From London commented 2017-07-25
Whoever you are, I want you to stop calling us!!


4173231029 or +14173231029

Nella commented 2017-07-25
This number called my phone..when I answered they hung up


9167693386 or +19167693386

Heather K. Wise 34. Sacramento Arden Carmichael ri commented 2017-07-25
If you meet Heather be very careful. She has a personality disorder. These people are the most dangerous cruel people on the planet. Sociopaths, Psychopaths Narcissists and "Borderlines" [BPD] all exhibit three stages to relationships romantic or platonic. 1.Idealize(everything is amazing or good at least) 2. DEVALUE 3. DISCARD the last two are abuse. Emotional terrorisim pure evil. Run if you meet this woman. Save yourself. Getting to know these type of people will leave you with PTSD. nothing funny about that. She's the worst because she won't admit she has the disorder, or that if she did it would have anything to do with impacting relationships. That's all it does. It will ruin and devastate every one of their relationships family or friends. For the rest of thier lives. Unless they're honest and seek help. Some people with BPD get help they are honest. These people deserve compassion and love. And they they have my deepest respect!! The dishonest ones. Who deny a problems exists, although are victims themselves, should be removed from the planet. If allowed to live t send them all to mars so they can deal with each other. Then love all the new babies so that these monsters are no longer created


6303281000 or +16303281000

Roy commented 2017-07-25
This number called twice


3473545876 or +13473545876

austin commented 2017-07-25
Scam callers


9855189757 or +19855189757

John commented 2017-07-25
Just checking


7742051241 or +17742051241

scammer alert commented 2017-07-25
Charles Peterson Logistics Manager Enviro Friends 44 East 52nd Street 11tH Floor. New York, NY 10022 Phone--774-205-1241 scammer wants to steal solar panels with stolen cc


9144016622 or +19144016622

QuickBooks Data Recovery commented 2017-07-25
this is a business number. we recover damaged Quickbooks files


3157910356 or +13157910356

Alaa commented 2017-07-25
Abuser and hacker


5412013355 or +15412013355

Ian commented 2017-07-24
This number appears on a Construction company website of United states, but when you call no one answers.


9799424009 or +19799424009

anonymous commented 2017-07-24
this number called my cell and left VM - do not answer phone or go to VM message when I don't recognize number.. what is odd about this number it has a +1 with area code 979 - same area code as mine SPOOFING perhaps.


2062193745 or +12062193745

Ralph commented 2017-07-24
IRS scam !!!!


6513622429 or +16513622429

TimF commented 2017-07-24
Called didn't answer left no message


9378171879 or +19378171879

Fred commented 2017-07-24
Taped message from home security attempting to sell home security. Always starts (This is Jessica) I've used nasty words, but the message goes on and on. Just hang up. 4 calls in 4 months.


7184898637 or +17184898637

Germán commented 2017-07-24
Hello. You were calling me several times to my cell phone +51982703361. Another cell and whatsapp and viber is +51931802757. My mail is slaveciser@yahoo.con I hope your response, thx


7184898637 or +17184898637

Markus Frechinger commented 2017-07-24
Your number is calling me since a few days. I talked to someome but I don´t knowwho this man was.


6614383374 or +16614383374

nounou commented 2017-07-24
Someone told me it's the number of a hotel in los engles


9402040301 or +19402040301

Ahmad commented 2017-07-24
I received a msg from this. I wanna kno who is this?


5127496128 or +15127496128

April commented 2017-07-24
She sleeps with married men- Harvey turner


9319739781 or +19319739781

David thomson commented 2017-07-24
I want know about him. Regarding a job