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4158066414 or +14158066414

Sam commented 2017-09-07
Hello there!


3132097309 or +13132097309

Nancy commented 2017-09-07
Scam call.


2096915292 or +12096915292

Jasselle Patriarca commented 2017-09-07
Hi,, may I know whose the real owner of this number +12096915292? Bcoz of I was wondering if he/she is real to me, for tie up business


7076245935 or +17076245935

OnCar commented 2017-09-07
Distubing cheater who tries to stole money from your bank account looking for your account information for alleged purchase. If u sell something, he calls u and represent himself like a potential buyer, he demands from u contact and reciept information for pay and he lies that he pay to u and so u have real disturbing situation from him.


2023932357 or +12023932357

Olayemi Ajibodu commented 2017-09-07
I was messaged on FB to join the illuminati organisation by invitation and asked to call the no. I feel it might be a set up by hackers. But I really want to trace if their claim is true. Can you find out for me please?


6033776458 or +16033776458

Bhavani commented 2017-09-07
Hi Alex. This is your Wife, Please don't leave me alone. I LOVE YOU so much my soul.


3476950000 or +13476950000

Said commented 2017-09-07
It's good


9187988337 or +19187988337

Larry rose commented 2017-09-07
This used to be my sons number I am looking for him I miss him very much and I'm am so worried about him Michael rose is his name


8568456821 or +18568456821

Josie commented 2017-09-07
This number calls repeatedly but never leaves a message.


5097311268 or +15097311268

Lista commented 2017-09-07
Called me said wanted to b friends said he wanted to help me with out even knowing me not only DAT but insisted to meet up n was offered me $ then all of a sudden me up looked at me n we talked for maybe 3 min n then said he would come back n help me with 100 buck's time passed n then I go to try to get a hold of him n all of a sudden no way to contact him back so his name he said was Alfonso be jar up to no good from my point of view what do u guys think careful has my address n all directly came to he said he is from wapato is it even a real number or does this person belong to this number


2342546952 or +12342546952

john commented 2017-09-07
this person is impersonate and treating people


5857432041 or +15857432041

Chdaw commented 2017-09-07
WhatsApped me


2065677913 or +12065677913

Monica commented 2017-09-07
Irs scam number


8285445395 or +18285445395

bp commented 2017-09-07
Keep hanging up on me


9752651485 or +19752651485

Lee commented 2017-09-07
Dangerous caller


9406046234 or +19406046234

Admin commented 2017-09-07
The owner of this phone number is Pat Darke. Address - Wichita Falls, TX, United States.


9312404369 or +19312404369

Admin commented 2017-09-07
There are 12 complaints about spam on this phone number. Address - Fayetteville, United States.


7272231440 or +17272231440

Admin commented 2017-09-07
There are 10 complaints about spam on this phone number. Address - Clearwater, United States.

7272231440 or +17272231440

commented 2017-09-06
Tucker scammer puss me off


9372269534 or +19372269534

Baglady commented 2017-09-06
This number keeps hanging up as soon as I answer. I'd like to know who and why.