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6612493437 or +16612493437

steve commented 2017-10-19
they keep calling and they dont say anything


4404979543 or +14404979543

Kara commented 2017-10-19
This number calls me multiple times a day


7247195410 or +17247195410

Dani commented 2017-10-19
Spam call. Claimed to be a credit card company.


2253282217 or +12253282217

Tom Dulle commented 2017-10-19
Keithsha please e-mail me about interview in St. Louis. Tomorrow. Thank. you. Tom. T.Dulle1310@gmail com.


7033822208 or +17033822208

Alex commented 2017-10-19
They sent a text asking for you're name and never get back.


6822226845 or +16822226845

Tameka commented 2017-10-19
Need to know who is calling


5613132156 or +15613132156

I do not commented 2017-10-19
Me dejo mensaje de texto


3306516459 or +13306516459

Michelle commented 2017-10-19
Automatic message stated my credit card interest can be lowered to 6%. Then transfers you to a representative. I hung up because I know this is bogus.


4193885625 or +14193885625

Anonymous commented 2017-10-19
This person is texting mean and degrading texts to my daughter


3364390817 or +13364390817

dino commented 2017-10-19
He try to take my bank account. He say "Hello woman i am the account manager of Mrs. Sylvie Rostin and contact you for the transfer of 6000 euro. For this fact, I need your bank account for the transaction" I am not a woman :P He try, he try hard, he send me 6 sms on watsapp. I am in Austria now, and he send me a sms in Deutsch (Germany), and I send the sms in English.


2485162272 or +12485162272

Admin commented 2017-10-19
There are 1 complaints about spam on this phone number.


2485162272 or +12485162272

Huntington commented 2017-10-19
Most likely a scam and/or credit agency looking for someone with similar name.


7605735090 or +17605735090

AGNES commented 2017-10-19
The above mobile phone nr. belongs to a scammer alias Jeff


7864858389 or +17864858389

Bhavesh Patel commented 2017-10-19
She want to be my friend so I want to confirm her number


2677251996 or +12677251996

Admin commented 2017-10-19
This phone number belongs to Jurek Option Trade.


8599486145 or +18599486145

Admin commented 2017-10-19
This phone number belongs to Steve Fleming.


9177897262 or +19177897262

Admin commented 2017-10-19
This phone number belongs to Maneesha.


2532174501 or +12532174501

Admin commented 2017-10-19
There are 7 complaints about spam on this phone number.


6823475434 or +16823475434

Omar commented 2017-10-19
I dont know who it is


3305189494 or +13305189494

Bruce commented 2017-10-19
I haven't heard from my brother in over 4 months. It's unlike him to not contact me. This is the last number he called me from and I've been trying to get back to him on it ever since. I'm really worried