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4159395769 or +14159395769

Rick commented 2018-01-15
call did not leave a voice message, mostly likely a robocall, telemarketer or solicitor


8771218862 or +18771218862

lulu commented 2018-01-15
They called here a couple of times but did not leave a message.


8771015848 or +18771015848

Marc commented 2018-01-15
Who are they, calling everyday fir credit card


5592140297 or +15592140297

Jennifer commented 2018-01-15
People called me threatening me saying they are coming to my house and work to collect a debt from over 10 years ago after I filed for bankruptcy. Saying an affidavit Is being filed or I can avoid it by paying by phone! Fraud!!


8889649765 or +18889649765

Elva commented 2018-01-15
I was calling our waste management company and got this number from a website that said it was the toll free number for the company. When I called it was a recording that attempted to give me a “free” trip if I only would take their 3 question survey, which had more than 3 questions. I have no idea who I really called.


8666921095 or +18666921095

Janiece Taffinder commented 2018-01-15
I had a call from (866) 692-1095 on my Iphone.. (Indian accent and hard to understand). She said her name was Lucy Deemer.(??). She said my Apple account had been compromised and that I needed to take quick action to protect my phone and account. She wanted my to go into my computer so they "could help me secure my account." I told her I needed to go and would call them back.


5162268318 or +15162268318

Troy commented 2018-01-15
Showed up on my caller ID as "Nuisance Likely."


8479466845 or +18479466845

Matthew Snouffer commented 2018-01-15
I am getting really sick and tired of these phony credit card summary callers always calling me. STOP CALLING ME.


2676523705 or +12676523705

kelly commented 2018-01-15
The number called me and I want to know the name of the owner


7727740285 or +17727740285

Crangis commented 2018-01-15
Hoaxer. Stay away


8004910062 or +18004910062

John commented 2018-01-15
i got this in my mailbox one day and has no other was advertising a $50 walmart gift card with the number on the bottom of the paper.that is all i know.


5167378536 or +15167378536

iblocku commented 2018-01-14
nobody i know just left a cryptic "hello"???


5121472512 or +15121472512

Mohsin commented 2018-01-14
This number has been related with my lucky numbers


2676760890 or +12676760890

ola commented 2018-01-14
Edwin Foss?


6618089284 or +16618089284

Admin commented 2018-01-14
The owner of this phone number is Ellee.


2067367819 or +12067367819

Admin commented 2018-01-14
There are 26 complaints about spam on this phone number.


6618089284 or +16618089284

Random commented 2018-01-14
Random tinder girl asking for a text. Idkwtf


3367053150 or +13367053150

Admin commented 2018-01-14
The owner of this phone number is Nellie.


2028525373 or +12028525373

Keddi commented 2018-01-14
Some one who is using that is a thief ,con man ,phishing person,there kinds of group of gangsters using that number .Please be extremely careful with that number. For more information contact me,i will give you more details {}


3367053150 or +13367053150

Zack commented 2018-01-14
Cause these bitches playing on the phone