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7609739037 or +17609739037

NP commented 2018-01-29
money scam via dating sites


7706535172 or +17706535172

Turkey_Lurkey commented 2018-01-29
This is some scam about a free stay at a Marriott hotel.


5103987452 or +15103987452

Greg C commented 2018-01-29
Constantly calls before 8am. 3 to four times in rapid succession. Does not leave any message. Been going on for about a week.


7857464119 or +17857464119

JB commented 2018-01-29
scam call? no message left..unknown phone # and caller. Totally sick of these Aholes


7028027766 or +17028027766

Jasmin commented 2018-01-29
They keep calling and ring till answered, then hang-up on you! I call back and they try to say it's a wrong number from what called-and I refilled! You bet I want to know who's calling me!!! Thank you for your FREE HELP!MAY GOD BLESS YOU!AMEN. Thank you again, Jasmin in NV, USA


3024970059 or +13024970059

mrlol commented 2018-01-29
i need this one


7024534796 or +17024534796

Pat cusatis commented 2018-01-29
I get these numbers that start 1702453xxxx several time I block them but they always add new 4 numbers at the last there are many very annoying


7188028033 or +17188028033

Angela commented 2018-01-29
17188028033 has been texting me that my family are followed from above, below, behind etc under the pretense of religious message. They do not identify themselves but let us know that we are under continuous surveillance. This while our home and family has been harassed repeatedly.


9172008285 or +19172008285

Admin commented 2018-01-29
Some users have signed this phone number as "Propeter".


5155256282 or +15155256282

Admin commented 2018-01-29
This phone number belongs to Rudy from Des Moines, IA.


9172008285 or +19172008285

Ole commented 2018-01-29
Who are you?


8289708979 or +18289708979

Babak commented 2018-01-29
Hi, I had this number from the Nex Plus app, but now I do not have my account number on this number


2697049780 or +12697049780

William commented 2018-01-29
Calls more then once,leaves a message which is 2sec. Of nothing.


5155256282 or +15155256282

Valerie commented 2018-01-28
What is it


3605566963 or +13605566963

Doug commented 2018-01-28
I got a text from this nbr saying they'd call me right back. I don't know who it is. They never called me back. I decided not to call in case it's some scam. If it were really a friend of mine they'd have called me or other me w more info.


2392976639 or +12392976639

Admin commented 2018-01-28
The owner of this phone number is Sandra.


2392976639 or +12392976639

Linda commented 2018-01-28
I received a text message from this number stating they are lonely and could I help them.


6012254087 or +16012254087

Allen bernadette commented 2018-01-28
Hi.. why you called to my cellphone number.


6317266978 or +16317266978

baabacar commented 2018-01-28
he oe she call me


4084205950 or +14084205950

Admin commented 2018-01-28
The owner of this phone number is Destineylove.