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4073919524 or +14073919524

Renda commented 2018-03-06
Scam artist. Fake IRS robo call.


4252760427 or +14252760427

Illegal Phishing Scam commented 2018-03-06
Very aggressive, hangs up when you ask to be put on the DNC.


9735522350 or +19735522350

HY commented 2018-03-05
Got a robo call from this number that it is IRS that files a "law suite against you" To find out more we need to call this number


2085190041 or +12085190041

???? commented 2018-03-05
Calls and leaves a blank message


4193791782 or +14193791782

Mike commented 2018-03-05
This online criminal called himself "Dave from the US". He wanted to buy a designer lamp I offered online in GER. Wanted to have my paypal data and played he had send money. There were some fake-paypal mails arriving (service (at) where he wanted me to send money to nigeria. Do not trust this liar - he named himself MARK DAVE CHASE. This betrayer is wasting good peoples time.


3859001256 or +13859001256

Jinto commented 2018-03-05
I have received call from this number and says about cloth purchase


8703324332 or +18703324332

Colleen Holleman commented 2018-03-05
Car warranty scam!!!! Continuous calls from these scammers. As soon as I block their out of state and now instate numbers they come up with another number. I never had a car warranty with them so HOW do they think I would REINSTATE it!!!! When I told them I had reported their previous numbers as scams they I HOPE YOU HAVEN'T WASTED YOUR TIME. I WILL REPORT EACH AND EVERY NUMBER THEY CALL FROM AND WILL CONTINUE TO BLOCK THEM ALL.


8703324533 or +18703324533

COLLEEN HOLLEMAN commented 2018-03-05
Telemarketing scam: ask you to purchase or reinstate your car warranty. I have blocked too many of these numbers and THEY ALWAYS come up with new numbers both in and out of state. I never had a car warranty with them!!!!


2083330033 or +12083330033

Boiseplantgeek commented 2018-03-05
This number trying to ask me if I was going to show up to work and I don't even work for them.


5209878760 or +15209878760

Lindsey commented 2018-03-05
He claimed to be calling me from the u.s government but you could hear that he was in a car and he said he was going to keep calling me


9364167706 or +19364167706

Bob commented 2018-03-05
Got a call that was an automatic message saying that my car warranty has expired and if I would like me to talk to a warranty specialist. I hung up after that.


8000418256 or +18000418256

John Paxton commented 2018-03-05
I believe this number is being used by an internet scammer.


6163049649 or +16163049649

Admin commented 2018-03-05
Some users have signed this phone number as "Patrice - Bed".


7867494869 or +17867494869

Anil commented 2018-03-05
I have been receiving regular whatsapp messages from this number. So curious to know the person owns this number. Thanks.


8132261940 or +18132261940

Unknow commented 2018-03-05
I dont know why call me this phone


6163049649 or +16163049649

Darcee commented 2018-03-05
Called at midnight CST and left no message.


9152293026 or +19152293026

Admin commented 2018-03-05
Some users have signed this phone number as "Marcminyard".


9152293026 or +19152293026

mohamad reza panahi commented 2018-03-05
on my mobile i have received a message via WHATSAPP that i have won 1,000,000,00 Sterling Pound as a random lottery, this message has been send to my mobile No. from a Nigerian account advising that in order to prepare the proper documents for receiving my prize I should send my personal information to this phone number, i suppose this number is being used for an international fraud because they have reached me through whatsapp in Iran from Nigeria and asking me to call somebody in England and send my personal info to Texas El Paso , regards M.R.Panahi


7273007053 or +17273007053

Amer commented 2018-03-05


3525020184 or +13525020184

Admin commented 2018-03-05
Some users have signed this phone number as "Themangibbs". (Algunos usuarios han firmado este número de teléfono como "Themangibbs")