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4154841730 or +14154841730

Kimberly commented 2018-07-17
This person claims to be daren raskin . Scammer


4054854156 or +14054854156

Mary Salazar commented 2018-07-17
This number called and hung up when I answered. When I tried to return the call, I got a recording saying it was not a working phone number.


7031445058 or +17031445058

Wayne commented 2018-07-17
Didn't answer but left no VM so I'll assume spam and block it.


9513957992 or +19513957992

Victoria commented 2018-07-17
This number is signed as Prince D. Don.


2108481268 or +12108481268

Tracey commented 2018-07-17
This number is signed as Fernando Gonzales.


9513957992 or +19513957992

Eneri commented 2018-07-17
Just to confirm he is not a scam from dating site


2677257774 or +12677257774

Detective caron commented 2018-07-17
Please beware. This number is a romantic scammer. Try to use love relationship to squeeze your money. Please don't tell your address or give your money for whatever reason.


2604084217 or +12604084217

Poja shinha commented 2018-07-17
In this no call me and says ur no will find lucky draw on KBC so I just checked


2108481268 or +12108481268

Christina Lynne commented 2018-07-17
This dude cash is mine but I'm suspecting he everybody's. Anyone know anything?


2025063130 or +12025063130

Erin commented 2018-07-17
The given phone number is signed as Todd Fish.


6149271817 or +16149271817

Holly commented 2018-07-17
The given phone number is signed as Biz Scam.


8137023943 or +18137023943

Joe commented 2018-07-17


2025063130 or +12025063130

Kenneth Wilson commented 2018-07-17
I think that all of these scams are related. There are concted to the talaban all of the people that you talk to have a middleeaste accent some of them can hardly speak English . I know I am tired of it an something needs to be done I have reported it to to then. C. C. An the F.B.I internet frad division an never get any response. Heck I was ciber attached twice through my bank an email that's when I reported it cause my bank said an thinks that me are someone in my house did it. So to keep me out of it I reported so someone else will be investigating it other than my bank.


2810526585 or +12810526585

Lori commented 2018-07-16
When I answered this call, no one on the other end spoke a word. So, I hung up. Have no idea who this number belongs to.


8332421264 or +18332421264

Tricia commented 2018-07-17
I get texts at all hours looking for "Shad" ... Plus they are ALWAYS calling looking for this person. Again at all HOURS of the day. They do NOT comprehend or understand that "Shad" does NOT have the number they keep calling.


2027569451 or +12027569451

Ryan ullery commented 2018-07-17
Won’t stop calling me. When I ask why or what they want they hang up. Pushing to the point to where I may need a lawyer.


6149271817 or +16149271817

, commented 2018-07-16
nigger spammer


6695837463 or +16695837463

Mhmd ALzar commented 2018-07-17
؟؟!ارجو المساعدة ابحث عن الكود


2253990965 or +12253990965

irs scam commented 2018-07-16
call said i have Warrant for my arrest because own money to them


8557000950 or +18557000950

Reginald Howie commented 2018-07-16
Couldn’t find the number:18557000950, anywhere.