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6156291512 or +16156291512

Pete commented 2018-07-27
A seemingly automated voice message with worrying comments regarding my car's extended warranty. They say that they tried to reach out multiple times before and that my warranty will be cancelled if I remain uncommunicative. Thing is, I don't own a vehicle. Probably a scammer/phisher.


2126581018 or +12126581018

Trevor Benjamin commented 2018-07-27
I've been asked to call the number said it's a financial services company.


8312016503 or +18312016503

KD commented 2018-07-27
I didn't answer, they didn't leave a message. I won't answer any calls unless I know the number.


9723384343 or +19723384343

JD Dow commented 2018-07-27
Received a ph call from this number and they left a message saying they are the IRS (Internal Revenue Service(s). IRS will not call you without sending an official letter. This was obviously a scam.


3472725594 or +13472725594

sylvia commented 2018-07-27
just wanted to know if is a genuine person to transact bussiness with


3150445889 or +13150445889

Ted commented 2018-07-27
Got a call from 315-044-5889 which was listed as an Invalid Number. Did not answer the call. I wonder how an invalid number can dial another number or receive an answer.


2622365745 or +12622365745

Kim commented 2018-07-27
The given phone number is signed as Michael


2675275915 or +12675275915

Valerie commented 2018-07-27
The given phone number is signed as Joke.


5126270058 or +15126270058

Stephanie commented 2018-07-27
The owner of this phone number is Larry Bustos.


6504765392 or +16504765392

Scammer commented 2018-07-27
This number is of a Scammer. Dont trust


8001695174 or +18001695174

Bailey commented 2018-07-27
This company is a scam! Do not give them your personal information!!


8123249707 or +18123249707

anonymous commented 2018-07-27
This number pretends to be the "Momo", is causing panic for some girls in Brazil


2675275915 or +12675275915

Judith C Gorra commented 2018-07-27
May I know this # +12675275915, this is own by Anthony Tino?


8135649159 or +18135649159

anonymous commented 2018-07-26
I believe this is either spam or a collection agency, usually Gulf collections. A robot call in spanish.


5126270058 or +15126270058

Greg commented 2018-07-27
Spammer. Phishing. Received a text out of the blue -- "Please text me." Yeah, right. No thank you.


2056508635 or +12056508635

Wrong Number commented 2018-07-27
Get random texts looking for Elmer.


7859305435 or +17859305435

julio commented 2018-07-26
this number called me at 4:31 for Warranty Services about car warranties and when you don't answer there questions but ask them questions they hang up. When calling them back at 4:35 the message from phone company says this is not a valid number to beware.


6611667563 or +16611667563

Mary KB commented 2018-07-26
SO, I JUST RECEIVED ONE OF THIS TYPES OF CALLS TODAY: from number 1-661-166-7563. I never call back numbers anyways that I dont know....It was suspicious though...I answer the 2nd time the call came in from the number because it is in the area of where family live, the dude, in his "not Californian accent said "hello" and hung up...I know it wasn't anyone I know so I hung up immediately and googled for scams under that number. Also, my phone popped up a window that said "high volume caller". Just thought I would pass on this info.


6067859007 or +16067859007

Sylvia commented 2018-07-26
The owner of this phone number is Jones Flower & Gift Shop


3182521913 or +13182521913

Lisa commented 2018-07-26
The given phone number is signed as Irs Scam.