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2094802705 or +12094802705

Betty commented 2018-08-09
Person with Asian accent called and identified himself as my tech person saying that my computer had been hacked. He had the serial # of the computer. Also, happened the week before.


7323510806 or +17323510806

Anonymousa commented 2018-08-08
+17323510806 this # is given by ricardo mendoza as hus contact no.I was a victim from his fruad and scam.His email is that ricky mendoza is his name on facebook account and he gave that nl# to me.


6617069082 or +16617069082

Dario commented 2018-08-08
I answered the call from this number but no one answer., May I know information about this number. Thank you.


7135977508 or +17135977508

Lilly commented 2018-08-08
this phone number owner is a fraudsters. Scams woman money


2407435887 or +12407435887

Lilly commented 2018-08-08
this phone number owner is a fraudsters. Scams woman money


3141723630 or +13141723630

Me commented 2018-08-08
Spamming scammer.


6412202242 or +16412202242

Jennifer commented 2018-08-09
Show me info


8442205712 or +18442205712

P*ssed in the East Bay commented 2018-08-08
Scammer! Pretends to be from the IRS saying you'll be arrested, blah, blah, blah. It's bullsh*t. The number is listed as a known scammer. Don't believe the hype.


6466011782 or +16466011782

Tee commented 2018-08-09
Spam Caller.


2173148208 or +12173148208

Jackie commented 2018-08-09
Person called 17 times in one afternoon and either wouldn't reply or would hang up when I answered the call.


7166526830 or +17166526830

recipient commented 2018-08-08
vehicle warranty


8557541748 or +18557541748

John commented 2018-08-08
India IRS Phone Scam


9528112944 or +19528112944

Barb commented 2018-08-08
This number keeps calling my cell phone and when answered no one is there. I feel it is a scam so if you get this number on your phone do not answer it. When called back the number is no longer in service. Beware of this number 952-811-2944


8668940477 or +18668940477

Anonymous commented 2018-08-08
Expired Windows license subscription renewal robocall.


8550820949 or +18550820949

chuck commented 2018-08-08


8770372788 or +18770372788

Tim B. commented 2018-08-08
I received this phone call while |I was out shopping for groceries. I missed the call, but I believe it is one of those scammers demanding money. Don't give them any and hang up fast. Report them to your local police immediately.


2675930421 or +12675930421

Kareem handy commented 2018-08-08
Supposedly makes o li e deals and squanders..scammer time waster


5752151613 or +15752151613

Terry commented 2018-08-08
They didn't leave a message. A legitimate business would have left a message. I have to assume that the behavior is that of a scammer. I blocked the number


6307570236 or +16307570236

Maven commented 2018-08-08
They keep calling, but do not leave a message, and since I do not recognize the number, I do not answer the call.


8457315221 or +18457315221

M. Larsen commented 2018-08-08
I was told that this number was to Dr Odianosen John, in Dubai.