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2628979410 or +12628979410

j commented 2018-08-13
nuisance call


2026883258 or +12026883258

Demandside Energy Solutions Inc. commented 2018-08-13
This number calls at least 5x per day and no one is on the other end. When you call number back it says this is not a working number. It's getting old answering the call


8558491161 or +18558491161

RA commented 2018-08-13
SCAM do not give any information!


8568126000 or +18568126000

bbj commented 2018-08-13
scam call


4076299493 or +14076299493

Jerry s commented 2018-08-13
Asking what county I am in???


8888967449 or +18888967449

Anonymous Person commented 2018-08-13
Over 2000 phone calls to me in a stretch of 8 hours. I assume a robo dialer. Very annoying, when answered dead air space.


9162767309 or +19162767309

Sarah commented 2018-08-13
SPAM. Makes false legal claims.


3127996977 or +13127996977

rv commented 2018-08-13
Robo Call


3256632483 or +13256632483

Ed commented 2018-08-13
No msg.


2091726778 or +12091726778

S. commented 2018-08-13
This is the # that was on my phone display from a computer scam call. This person said I could call her back at # 1-845-363-6555, once I verified with my computer tech of a possible “security risk with my computer Lic#.”


7075302466 or +17075302466

tim glidden commented 2018-08-13
credit card scammer


6468809667 or +16468809667

Rodica commented 2018-08-13
This number called me yesterday what it is? He talk about green card or visa for USA! I never aply for green card!!!!! I am thinking all the whorst things! Burn my card or a virus in my phone? Please anyone can answer? Admin.! Please can you tell me,how he know my name and my new phone number? I am from Romania ! He told me that he can make the documents for green card, and i must to pay 400$ ! I was in USA in 2013 ,i travel with ESTA visa! I dont need help,and never ask! Please ,if you have idea, tell me who it is( oner of this number)?Thank you! If somebody receive a call and hang up,never call back!they take money!


6466526137 or +16466526137

Malaysian commented 2018-08-13
Hi Admin, how may i contact you please?? Do you know this Chris?


8884442353 or +18884442353

Admin commented 2018-08-13
Some users have signed this phone number as "Al Abbas".


8884442353 or +18884442353

asdf commented 2018-08-13
Who is owner of this phone number?


4086221506 or +14086221506

Samir Kumar y commented 2018-08-13
Shushmita is now Where


8572286756 or +18572286756

Lis commented 2018-08-12
Fake phone number. Owner is psycopath liar. Beware.


3217017135 or +13217017135

ahmed nagy commented 2018-08-12
he have a job for me and i want to sure about him


7526119705 or +17526119705

Honest Citizen commented 2018-08-12
Robocaller left a voice mail at 2:30 p.m. on Saturday, saying that my Verizon service had been terminated. Yeah, right. Then, how did they call me, huh? On the other hand, did you all hear about how the FTC FINALLY broke up an Indian group who were pretending to be the IRS and scamming people. Yeah, THOSE ones! They've been arrested and now they have to pay back $50 million! Whoo-hoo!


7192833921 or +17192833921

VERENA commented 2018-08-12
This phone number is taken from General Douglas M.Fraser, he is a ramance scammer!