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4698653895 or +14698653895

Im Noshad my email commented 2018-08-25
connect with your ipad mini to me contact for me


7372141298 or +17372141298

Jason Moore commented 2018-08-25
Whom this this number is call my girlfriend phone. Saying they was going to call my employer has money taking out my check. I know this scam, I m about to reported to police


8008311925 or +18008311925

Rhonda Smith commented 2018-08-25
I was wondering about this number? I was told that it was for Front range home warranty. If this is not the right number for that business please call me at 406-690-4472 or email me at Thank you!!


2347700438 or +12347700438

Candice commented 2018-08-25
The given phone number is signed as Pansiw Valley


2675274403 or +12675274403

Bill commented 2018-08-25
The given phone number is signed as Killy


9283041685 or +19283041685

Tom Jones commented 2018-08-25
Sometimes not a very nice person at all .God help us.


2347700438 or +12347700438

rather not say commented 2018-08-25
this number is pretended to be an agent offering a 350,000 grant to blahze blah disabled retired ect... were eligable to be a winner of this 350,000 bucks. so ofcourse i hop to filling a form out with only slight info like--well i dont want to say slight cause even giving that could ruin everything you stand for. anyways, i got a messege from a facebook friend, who actually was a hacker apparently( posed as tony thoros)...which also said they would help me with a $500 payment towards the delivery fee( $1350.) there was referance number sent to me and i sent it to this number which said it was comfirmed.....yet, i havnt gotten anything and i know now, its a hacker scammer situation


4439159230 or +14439159230

Cheryl Myers commented 2018-08-25
Caller called left a voicemail saying that my car warranty had expired. I don't have a car and don't drive.


2675274403 or +12675274403

nicole commented 2018-08-25
he is a scam artist and steals people's money illegally by asking them to invest with him and never returns a dime


2024033735 or +12024033735

Abby commented 2018-08-25
This is spam. 10 complaints about this number.


8322517453 or +18322517453

Opelia commented 2018-08-25
I wanted to check if this telephone number is from a person


6280471874 or +16280471874

4328अजय commented 2018-08-25
With the part from Gonda district, he has a mobile phone number that he has run away from his house, he is currently calling the mobile phone number 6280471874


2024033735 or +12024033735

Pat N. commented 2018-08-25
Scam Alert!!!.


2085041049 or +12085041049

ac commented 2018-08-24
Called my phone 5 times one right after another. Did not leave a voicemail. I am working and didn't answer or call back.


9178101805 or +19178101805

RMT commented 2018-08-24
Call from New York .. message said I needed to contact the Microsoft Office as someone might have hacked my account. Don't do any banking or bill paying until this is resolved. Press 9 and someone can help you! What a bunch of BS!


8448160090 or +18448160090

Luis Mayen commented 2018-08-24
Need to know who


5745211746 or +15745211746

Kenta commented 2018-08-24


9129816320 or +19129816320

wopa commented 2018-08-24
After receiving multiple calls offering medical back braces of which I hit # 5 to be placed on a do not call, calls still being made. Today I asked to speak with the representative "I asked the rep why they were still calling after indicating not to call,", in addition to reporting hear I am forwarding to FCC scam report in Washington DC for scams / abusive call


9353653014 or +19353653014

Lala commented 2018-08-24
Fraud people fraud


9186869469 or +19186869469

Bill commented 2018-08-24
The given phone number is signed as Shunt.