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9514068536 or +19514068536

Tracy Fallucca commented 2018-09-05
This is a number to an identity thief I need more information


5406821988 or +15406821988

Anonymous commented 2018-09-05
Received a random FaceTime request from this number at 10:30 pm


8052613247 or +18052613247

John commented 2018-09-05
This person is threatening me to ruin my life if I don't sent them $2000. What the hell is this all about!?


7071124495 or +17071124495

Randi commented 2018-09-04
Someone called me (an automated operator to talk, not even a real person) saying that they have been trying to get ahold of me because of my credit. Thing is, is my credit is fine. Nothing late for delinquent. So, beware, this smells highly of fish. DO NOT GIVE YOUR PERSONAL INFO.


2027724515 or +12027724515

Anonymous commented 2018-09-05
Said they were calling because i was eligible for a free $9000 fedral grant.


9093217352 or +19093217352

Rod commented 2018-09-05
When I answer the phone all I get is silence. When I call the number I get a recording saying this number is not in service!!


9405696389 or +19405696389

Rebecca Hunt commented 2018-09-04
I believe this number is part of a scam list.


8558009436 or +18558009436

Marcie commented 2018-09-04
This number left a VM and it was all in Japanese!


5031305760 or +15031305760

john smith commented 2018-09-04
No response on other end. Called it back and automated message says number isn't in service.


9789051047 or +19789051047

Kellie C commented 2018-09-04
I feel as though someone in Lowell has my number and is calling me from different “978-905-xxxx” numbers... they (including this number) don’t have set up voicemails or anything, they just call at random and leave no voicemail and have no voicemail. Like a ghost...


8886201758 or +18886201758

Jeanne commented 2018-09-04
Received letter that I owed taxes. I don't owe taxes. Tried to find out more and person was very rude. He was talking so fast that I couldn't understand the name of the company. He refused to provide. Kept asking questions in response to my questions. Extremely rude and insulting when I tried to ask a question. If my grandchildren spoke to me that way, I would slap them and I have never slapped any of them. He made rude remarks trying to guess my age. He told me he felt sorry for my husband if I talked to him that way. My husband died a year ago. I didn't realize calling someone "sir" and asking their name was rude. He continually interrupted me. Just obnoxious, disrespectful and rude. I think he was trying to antagonize me and thought he could bully me into giving up information that he would then use to steal my identity or steal money from me. He thought he was dealing with a fool; but, I'm no fool. He's the fool. I may not be young; but, I'm not a fool. Unfortunately some people will believe him and will lose money as a result; if not more, if their identity is stolen. I hope no one calls this number. Whatever organization this is, it is not legitimate. Go to someone local and be safe. That is what I do. I have an excellent attorney and accountant. I think this is all fake. An attempt to scare me and get information from me to try to steal my identity or steal money from me. I have never dealt with a customer service person who would not provide their name. Of course, I would not provide him with any information once he refused to provide such basic information. BEWARE. DO NOT CALL THIS NUMBER. YOU WILL REGRET IT. TALK TO SOMEONE LEGITIMATE IN YOUR AREA. SOMEONE WITH A RETURN ADDRESS ON THEIR LETTERS. SOMEONE WHO WILL IDENTIFY THEMSELVES WHEN YOU ASK. THIS IS WHAT YOUNG PEOPLE CALL SPAM OR FISHING. BE CAREFUL. THIS SENIOR WAS SMART ENOUGH NOT TO PROVIDE ANY INFORMATION BECAUSE I WON'T GIVE INFORMATION TO ANYONE WHO WON'T IDENTIFY THEMSELVES. I HOPE HE MISSED A HUNDRED CALLS WHILE HE WAS BEING SO RUDE TO ME. I HOPE I SAVE THOSE 100 PEOPLE WHO WERE ABOUT TO BE TAKEN ADVANTAGE OF BY THIS THIEF. DON'T CALL THIS NUMBER. THEY ARE NOT LEGIMATE. THEY ARE SPAM OR FISHING ATTEMPTS. GO TO A LEGITIMATE LOCAL COMPANY WITH A LISTING IN THE PHONE BOOK.


8886201758 or +18886201758

gayle commented 2018-09-04
FRAUD. DO NOT CALL. Sending false information about taxes being do and property being seized. Company won't identify self and person answering phone won't identify self or company. Says name of company so fast that it is unintelligible. When asked to repeat refuses because "just said the name". Won't provide his name either. Yells at caller, insulting to caller, won't provide any info. Just wants to be told your info and wants his questions answers. Never dealt with a more rude person in my life. THIS IS PURE FRAUD. TRYING TO SCARE HONEST PEOPLE. KNOWS HE WAS CAUGHT SO REFUSED TO PROVIDE HIS NAME. STARTED GIVING NAMES OF OTHER PEOPLE HE SPOKE TO IN ATTEMPT TO IDENTIFY ME. FRAUD. FRAUD. FRAUD. I HOPE NO ONE CALLS THEM. THIS UNNAMED COMPANY WILL RIP YOU OFF. RUDE, ARROGANT, IMMATURE. OBVIOUS FRAUD SINCE WON'T IDENTIFY SELF. BEWARE OF FRAUD. DON'T MAKE THE MISTAKE OF CALLING. THIS IS NOT A LEGITIMATE COMPANY.


5713679372 or +15713679372

Annoyed commented 2018-09-04
This number calls and hags up after 2 rings, then immediately calls and hangs up after one ring, in that exact sequence, multiple times a day. I have no clue who this is, but they are completely harassing me.


3529169973 or +13529169973

Tiredofspam commented 2018-09-04
Company calling about credit card payments in good standing trying to get you to get a new credit card. My number is on ndnc list and still receive these dumb calls


9498967890 or +19498967890

Irvine commented 2018-09-04
spam call


3212482253 or +13212482253

Lucille Frank commented 2018-09-04
Left voicemail message on cell phone regarding (FNPL) Florida Power and Light electric services adjustment and "potential net metering". I do not use "FNPL." This is identical to several others I've received from other (unidentified) numbers.


8652948640 or +18652948640

Zhaira commented 2018-09-04
Did he add you also in Whatsapp? I want to know the same information to this person Jason Finch Jackson. The same story he said to me girl


8882366542 or +18882366542

Kathleen commented 2018-09-04
This phone number was given for a vacation. It's a scam.


8558000512 or +18558000512

Aamer Zain commented 2018-09-04
asian language recorded message , spam robocall


9168915037 or +19168915037

Debby commented 2018-09-04
Can not locate son. Received call from this number - cut off after 4 secs. When calling it back I get messsge that it can’t be completed as dialed.