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8663821674 or +18663821674

Lucy commented 2018-09-12
this company has been contacting me concerning a security system. i informed the company that i have not given the o.k. for anyone to install anything i my home nor have i signed any form of paperwork with them i have about 16 e-mails that have been sent to me from them wanting me to call them concerning this matter. i feel i need to contact the better business bureau and let them handle this.


8063118529 or +18063118529

John Osbourn commented 2018-09-12
Received a call from this number, but when I tried to call it back I was told that I wouldn't be able to and to try again later. Fake number.


5207159203 or +15207159203

PB commented 2018-09-12
Phone number called my cellphone,was a missed call. Tried to call back but just rang & rang then disconnected. Do not know this number,have NO idea why they called...scam?,telemarketer?


3236900625 or +13236900625

Sam commented 2018-09-12
Dangerous call.Looks like bandit his face on call.


7189636677 or +17189636677

Mw commented 2018-09-12
17189636677 Left message and claimed they are from the DHL and unable to delivery a package to my parents, it is a scam for sure.


8558138633 or +18558138633

gbr commented 2018-09-12


4234559240 or +14234559240

Jessica commented 2018-09-12
Got a text notification for: Best promo ever. Bring a friend and you both lock in a great deal. Unlimited membership for $99 a month forever. Call us today to sign up your referral. Doesn't say what for and no company name. Could be scam, virus, or tracking virus for human trafficking. Be aware!


9496523745 or +19496523745

IVY MUSONDA commented 2018-09-12


6232084333 or +16232084333

Special Task Force ,Uttar Pradesh State police ,In commented 2018-09-12
provide me user detail of number +16232084333 because from this number many life threatening call coming .


9046096835 or +19046096835

Wes commented 2018-09-12


9857899330 or +19857899330

Satan Claus commented 2018-09-12
This phone number belongs to Nick Baer.


6318566877 or +16318566877

Satan Claus commented 2018-09-12
Some users have signed this phone number as "Aadam Malaysia".


2012045294 or +12012045294

Satan Claus commented 2018-09-12
Some users have signed this phone number as "Health Insurance Scam".


2029224624 or +12029224624

Satan Claus commented 2018-09-12
Some users have signed this phone number as "Fraud: Irs Threat Of Legal Action".


4045251035 or +14045251035

Clifford Cottingham commented 2018-09-12
called late at night. why ?


8004743362 or +18004743362

Sheena commented 2018-09-12
This is a erotic talk hotline


6305047407 or +16305047407

Kate commented 2018-09-12
This number left a text message about taking a survey


9857899330 or +19857899330

Toghouj commented 2018-09-11
This number is a pedophile


3154938054 or +13154938054

Junior commented 2018-09-12
Ese número es un pillo cuidado vende en mercado libre ya m estafó


4253825109 or +14253825109

MAB commented 2018-09-11
Person (s) pretending to be the IRS telling me that I owed some thousands of dollars for unpaid or non-payment of taxes between the last 8 years. Went as far as to tell me I would be brought in for a Federal Courtroom Hearing. These are my words as their words were so DIFFICULT to interpret. Not funny and scared me. They were CLEARLY FISHING FOR INFORMATION ABOUT OTHER PEOPKE AND THEIR PERSONAL INFORMATION. I.E., I USE A T-MOBILE AFFILIATE (METRO PCS) WHICH IS OWNED BY A DUTCH COMPANY, I BELIEVE THAT MY NUMBER WAS BOUGHT AND SOLD AS I GET OTHER ODD CALLS ABOUT MY CAR WARRANTY BEING OUT OF DATE TOO. THIS NUMBER SHOWS UP AS A WASHINGTON NUMBER AND THEY WILL TELL YOU THAT THEY ARE IN THE DC AREA ETC ..