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5092890286 or +15092890286

Hi friend commented 2017-03-14
Your so sweet


8508930195 or +18508930195

Tima commented 2017-03-14
Annoying caller


2103467219 or +12103467219

Sabrina commented 2017-03-14
I need to know who this is


2065085076 or +12065085076

Emily commented 2017-03-14
1(206)508-5076 recording saying that I'm under investigation and to call back immediately to resolve the financial matter


8563452655 or +18563452655

George Casados commented 2017-03-14
This number always called me but they do not answer, do you know any reason about these phone calls?


9152130360 or +19152130360

Who commented 2017-03-14
How does this work


4145875744 or +14145875744

Ka commented 2017-03-14
keeps calling


6057895057 or +16057895057

JR commented 2017-03-14
no name no message just hung up...


3304199863 or +13304199863

Autumn commented 2017-03-14
Called twice but didn't leave a voicemail to tell me who it was. If it was a robot, take me off the call list


6513083861 or +16513083861

Jeremy commented 2017-03-14
Who is this


5759153334 or +15759153334

Carlos commented 2017-03-14
Whos number is this?


6143470306 or +16143470306

Ed L commented 2017-03-14
That number came up on caller ID as Galloway, OH. When I answered the phone the caller did not identify himself or the name of his company, only that the call was being recorded and asked if he could speak to "my formal name". I've heard about this scam where the scam artist calls and asks a question that would yield a Yes answer. They then record the vocal answer and use it to make unauthorized purchases. Anyway, I promptly said NO and hung up!


9162186744 or +19162186744

Hatem commented 2017-03-14
Hope to know him/her


4049985068 or +14049985068

A Nony Mouse commented 2017-03-14
The cops are on their way


7627924481 or +17627924481

Proshenjeet commented 2017-03-14
This trying black malling


2696580002 or +12696580002

kuzx commented 2017-03-14
it's nice


9419920163 or +19419920163

Ho commented 2017-03-14
who's the caller and what the email address


5204790082 or +15204790082

Dr. Chris more commented 2017-03-14
ATM Master Card Delivering Department. (UBA-BANK International Plc) Benin Republic. Dr. chris more, Office line:+229 65854879 Urgent Attention, You Are Expected To Call Us +229 65854879 Once You Recieve These Email. Dr. chris more, from office of ATM Swift Card Department (UBA-BANK INTERNATIONAL PLC) We knew is very difficult for you to understand because you have been long time waiting for your ATM Card all this time yet things didn’t work out to your expectation but you have to understand that your file has not gotten to this office, then Beside most CARDS are being sent through African and after much investigation it was resulted that 95% of the ATM CARD was not Good which is the reason the card could not be use. To this effect, the appropriate authorities (Economic Community of West African States of African and American Government) has decided not to deliver CARD to foreign clients through African anymore due to a lot of complains that beneficiaries are not receiving their payment after fees has been paid. This office want you to understand that everything is in order, Economic Community of West African States and American Government have agreed for you to receive your fund (ATM Master Card) through our (UBA-BANK INTERNATIONAL PLC) and you are to contact this office immediately for the release of your ATM Master Card with your full informations to enable us covers the insurance coverage and please include copy of your identity for proper reprogramming and activation of your CARD PIN Number to enable you have access of withdrawal immediately you receive your CARD. You are advised to include the followings below: (1). Your Full Name, (2). Your Country, (3). Your Direct Telephone Numbers, (4).Your Direct Office Phone Numbers, (5).Mobile Phone Number, (6). Your Correct Home Address, (7). Your Office Address, (8). Your Current Occupation, (9).Your Weekly/Monthly Income, (10). Your age , (11).Your Next Of Kin Name, (12).Your Next Email Address, (13).Your Next TelePhone Numbers, This is to inform you that we have done and concluded all the necessary arrangement for your payment worth of ($4.8 MILLION U.S DOLLARS) which have to be pay to you through ( UBA-BANK INTERNATIONAL PLC ) with ATM Master Card.Finally, you are being legally contacted regarding the release of your long awaited fund. After a detailed review of your file, the United Nation Monetary Unit, World Bank and the US Homeland Security Department has been Authorized to release your ATM MASTER CARD immediately. The sum of ($4.8 MILLION U.S DOLLARS) has been approved in your favour via (UBA-BANK INTERNATIONAL PLC) desk. Quickly get back to me for more advice. Thanks for Your Co-operation. Dr. chris more ATM Master Card Delivering Department. (UBA-BANK INTERNATIONAL PLC) Benin Republic. Office line:+234 9069589488


4403063707 or +14403063707

Max commented 2017-03-14
Who is the owner of this number? Somebody is calling/disturbing from this number.


7327634885 or +17327634885

Paola cuadro commented 2017-03-14
He tratado de comunicarme contigo pero no se puede