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5592195441 or +15592195441

lupe commented 2018-10-18
called me again 5th time today. this time i was a machine offering chronic pain braces. answer it so you can press 9 to be put on their do not call list


7728762653 or +17728762653

Stop Callinme commented 2018-10-18
Thick indian accent insisting I give him my SSI and Medicare# so he could save me $. SCAM! Always report these crooks!


5048480295 or +15048480295

NOSPAM commented 2018-10-18
Non-working number, it is a phising scam


3865207467 or +13865207467

Someone commented 2018-10-18
Someone called me on this number on my mobile phone and I answered three times and they refused to answer.


7738690745 or +17738690745

Stacia Law commented 2018-10-18
Just a robo message-did not identify who they were-just to call this number


2345476702 or +12345476702

Kathy commented 2018-10-18
They say they are from The federal government grant office. beware its a scam.


7866280484 or +17866280484

They said their name is Universal Solutions commented 2018-10-18
On the phone is said, name not available, she said, she is one of our vendors, I am the accountant and know all of our vendors, as I told her and then she hang up.


8318084555 or +18318084555

Feona commented 2018-10-18
Calls no msg. left. White pages app says this isn’t a valid ph# and yet they called me. How?


2169923176 or +12169923176

No Name commented 2018-10-18
Received a phone call from this number. I did not answer and they did not leave a voicemail.


9016052983 or +19016052983

April Ransom commented 2018-10-18
Some one texted me from this number threatening to get an attorney


9846098572 or +19846098572

Carol commented 2018-10-18
Robocall from "Ashley" saying "Do not hang up" about "chronic knee and back pain". This is not legitimate. Do not press any buttons and simply hang up.


2104442253 or +12104442253

Mary commented 2018-10-18


3856515502 or +13856515502

Shaun commented 2018-10-18
385-651-5502‬ Always leaving messages about medical braces. It’s spam and can’t get them to go away. They call from multiple numbers.


3649910554 or +13649910554

Bobbi commented 2018-10-18
Unidentified number


4044223525 or +14044223525

fbgyu dhmcdf commented 2018-10-18
who is it?


6781456713 or +16781456713

Don Kershayn commented 2018-10-18
Caller ID shows "Unavailable." When I called the number back, I get a recorded message that the number is not available.


8662574121 or +18662574121

Satan Claus commented 2018-10-18
Some users have signed this phone number as "Mortgage Bay".


8448533627 or +18448533627

Satan Claus commented 2018-10-18
There are 16 complaints about spam on this phone number.


8662574121 or +18662574121

G commented 2018-10-18
Who is this number


7869898575 or +17869898575

C.P. commented 2018-10-18
I receive calls from these people on multiple occaisions trying to sell me "medical" items at no cost to me. When I press 1 as instructed , it disconnects. When I call back it is not a valid #