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6239861299 or +16239861299

Grandma commented 2019-02-05
No one ever leaves a message calling from 623.986.1299. I am blocking them


3692893847 or +13692893847

julie commented 2019-02-05
these people keep calling and i have asked dozens of time to stop calling and take me off their list, they just hang up on me i cant understand a word they say, they are calling me from different number about 15 times a day, i block that # and they call from another,


8007724010 or +18007724010

Ms Jay commented 2019-02-06
Scan call from someone saying my social security number s been suspended


6093828212 or +16093828212

liz commented 2019-02-05
They leave a message telling me they can help me with medical but leave 2 different 800 #s to call back.


5177346534 or +15177346534

Jeff commented 2019-02-05
Leaves message Just says my name


6076785169 or +16076785169

Star commented 2019-02-06
Keeps calling but nobody is there when I answered and when I called it back it said it's not a working number


9167726875 or +19167726875

anonymous person commented 2019-02-05
calls for a few second and hangs up.


8552038194 or +18552038194

Roman commented 2019-02-05
This is spam. 15 complaints about this number.


8773120202 or +18773120202

brian commented 2019-02-05
site address check


8009012111 or +18009012111

Megha commented 2019-02-05
This phone number is signed as Steve Mason


9132063142 or +19132063142

Victori commented 2019-02-05
This phone number is signed as Kavya M


9804411262 or +19804411262

Amrita commented 2019-02-05
This phone number is signed as Insurance Scam


8552038194 or +18552038194

mike commented 2019-02-05
I called this nr back and they said my son is going to court for fraud. Last year they said he owed 500 dollars and tried to collect it from me. I warned them to take my nr out of their system.


9165437114 or +19165437114

Jennie commented 2019-02-05
This # is a scam because when I tried to call it back 2 seconds later. this phone number is no longer in service. The name that popped up was **Walt Alice Rouse**


5512028528 or +15512028528

a commented 2019-02-05


8009012111 or +18009012111

Nicole Prindle commented 2019-02-05
This caller called me claiming to work for the social security administration.. however they were Arabic and couldn’t speak fluent English. Wanted my full SS#. No thanks!


6822615925 or +16822615925

552 commented 2019-02-05


6198238679 or +16198238679

Ron Moore commented 2019-02-05
called my cell phone, didn't answer - no message


8557221354 or +18557221354

Charlie Wheeler commented 2019-02-05
Trump fundraiser


7123183640 or +17123183640

Alexandra commented 2019-02-05
I got this number from a guy I met on Tinder n germany. He named himself Lucas, 48 years, from Canada. He moved to munich 2 months ago because his mom lived there and she is sick with dementia. We chatted on Tinder, changed to whatsapp. He told me a strange story about he has been robbed in China and tried to convince me to help him with money. Since I saw his first profile picture on whatsapp which showed an about 17 year old boy, I didnt trust his story from the beginning. This picture was soon removed. First I thought it miht have been his son. But I really think it is him - a bored teenager who tries to get some more pocket money from ladies. Maybe its his father on the pictures he showed me. Since other ladies might trust him and will send him money, I decided to tell this story here.