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8188600531 or +18188600531

Roger commented 2019-02-08
Harassing text messages from someone claiming to be friend of Dick Gagarin, aka Drake McGrath, aka Drake McGrath.


2395440147 or +12395440147

Annoyed! commented 2019-02-08
Calling saying they are a company named JPM. Trying to collect on a 2012 payday loan? I never once took one out, yet they have all my info!


2035167641 or +12035167641

Jason commented 2019-02-08
Irs scam calling from this number


8889939144 or +18889939144

Hn commented 2019-02-08
These people are scamming you to make you think there is a claim against you or a family member and they want you to pay them to legally fix it when it is all fake.


4109899050 or +14109899050

LP commented 2019-02-08
I live in NYC as well and got the same type of call. Guess everyone around here is getting arrested lol


7042097163 or +17042097163

Scammers commented 2019-02-08
Don't answer this number they ring me 3 times a day everyday I have them blocked now and reported them


4254309271 or +14254309271

Joanne commented 2019-02-08
This phone number is signed as Rochelle


5302905185 or +15302905185

Nicky commented 2019-02-08
This number was said to be a number from Worthington industries Canada branch, and somewhat gives a weird scam-ish vibe..., Not yet confirmed of it real status since I'm currently running dry and would cost me few bucks to get this confirmed, however be extra careful when contacted with number


8006690271 or +18006690271

Rafanelli commented 2019-02-08
Received automated message advising me about scam calls from social security and report this to attorney general office. Question prompted to ask for SS# (did not give it) said to speak 1 hour wait. Hung up phone.


6361731962 or +16361731962

prof1musique commented 2019-02-08
Un appel vers 19 heures et personne ne parle. Probablement un spam.


4254309271 or +14254309271

Stina commented 2019-02-08
They keep calling and i wont answer, and they never leave a message.


6518446751 or +16518446751

wendy commented 2019-02-07
curious why Not showing owner of this number


4702768040 or +14702768040

Nestor Davila commented 2019-02-07
Yesterday. This. Number 14702768040 call true Whatsaap. I saw. A photo of a son of mine cousin. Then. Try. To ask me. My credit card because. was. In Panamá and need Us.$400 dollars to. Buy a ticket Go to Copa. Air line.was a fake .because. He is NY.


8588926090 or +18588926090

Andy commented 2019-02-07
No sound after pick up the call.


5614214415 or +15614214415

Traci commented 2019-02-07
The number that called me was (520) 518-4176. They called both my cell & my work number at the same time, but they weren't looking for me, they were looking for my brother. The recording said to call (561) 421-4415 and to reference the case number given... So I called the number, and it picked up but it was dead air on the other end...


8663513555 or +18663513555

Marquita Rumph commented 2019-02-07
I called what I thought was apple iTunes support to resolve an issue about my debit card on my account, I was told my account was disabled due to fraud and that I needed to purchase two apple iTune cards in increments of $50 to authorize my card again and remove charges on my account that supposedly were in California and that I would be refunded my money, they said that were 4 other devices on my account that needed to remove as well and that I would need $400 more dollars to remove them, that’s when I hung up because I didn’t have that kind of money just to fix my account. I definitely have been scammed!!


8775942931 or +18775942931

Shirley commented 2019-02-07
Page popped up on my computer claiming to be from Microsoft Windows, with a lot of talk of an attack on my computer, and damage it could cause. Wanted me to call this number for help. It would not let me access the red X to close the page. Alt, Control and Delete would not shut the page down. I finally used the Sign Out function to get rid of this. I definitely was not going to phone their phone number as I was sure it was a scam!


2071249010 or +12071249010

jdh commented 2019-02-07
Wanted my private information, and to be in front of the computer, to avoid identity theft. Sure.......


4109899050 or +14109899050

Debra commented 2019-02-07
Number 1-410-989-9050, left a computer generated message telling me to call before I get arrested. Total scam. I live in NY, ‘officials ‘ would not be calling me from out of state.


9375531172 or +19375531172

Nisha commented 2019-02-07
This phone number is signed as Kaybee