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3125638926 or +13125638926

Roberto commented 2019-02-11
Hang up call


9785291650 or +19785291650

mainpal commented 2019-02-11
it is my old mobile number


8664048129 or +18664048129

Chipoleon commented 2019-02-11
This was a “ Social Security Administration “ scam phone call. A recorded message said my social security number had been suspended due to “suspicious activity “. I was instructed to “press 1” to speak to a representative. I was immediately suspicious, there was a lot of noise in the background. When they asked me to verify some personal information , I asked them to verify I was speaking to the SSA ...... they immediately hung up. Beware the scam.


2484110932 or +12484110932

Jay commented 2019-02-11
Indian accent. Hung up. Tried calling back, number invalid. Something fishy.


7278489563 or +17278489563

Bernie commented 2019-02-11
Hi, im Bernie the Dolpin. You can find me in the Water.


6072102815 or +16072102815

Victim commented 2019-02-11
scams !


3862222538 or +13862222538

JAHANGIR commented 2019-02-11
I missed a call from that number...


2095538195 or +12095538195

christian Jimenez commented 2019-02-11
I'm getting a lot of phone calls from this number .


9173364177 or +19173364177

abdul commented 2019-02-11
9173364177 phone number is a scam please be careful


5043570259 or +15043570259

Unknown commented 2019-02-10
Answered by a female


6287775943 or +16287775943

John Doe commented 2019-02-10


7573509001 or +17573509001

Scam Buster commented 2019-02-10
Dating app scammers are using this number, which may have been linked to a legit business in the Virginia Beach area at one point. May use names like "Joe" or "Joseph" as part of their scam to extort money from you. It's a variant on the "Plenty of Fish Scam" or "PoF Scam" (Google it for more info).


8102591259 or +18102591259

. commented 2019-02-10


6308910706 or +16308910706

Lilianna M. commented 2019-02-10
this is my number lul but if I call you and you don't have my number it probably wasn't me


9703764687 or +19703764687

Sally commented 2019-02-10
This number call no message left.


3236288416 or +13236288416

Bob commented 2019-02-10
This phone number is signed as Daniel


4787033715 or +14787033715

Amrita commented 2019-02-10
This phone number is signed as Shay Day


8779769999 or +18779769999

Karen commented 2019-02-10
I have been trying to call Christian jewelry on both numbers and it's always busy and they do not answer their e mails. I ordered jewelry and never have received it. Do not order from this organization


5753032724 or +15753032724

Raj commented 2019-02-10
Un mio amico ha ricevuto una chiamata da questo numero di cellulare.


3236288416 or +13236288416

Afsana commented 2019-02-10
The guy using this number claims to an Emirates pilot and catfishes women. He claims to be named Daniel Jay Escobar. Claims to reside in Dubai.