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6163835426 or +16163835426

Spam, don't answer commented 2019-02-11


9082403120 or +19082403120

Ian commented 2019-02-11
Was messaged (in Australia) "Hi David - I am getting ready to leave the office as we have a snowstorm on the way. Will give you a call from home later. Ciao."


5103197740 or +15103197740

Catherine commented 2019-02-12
This number is appearing on especially e-bay pet market. A total scam.


5186334376 or +15186334376

Kim commented 2019-02-11
Left me a message stating if I don't call back legal consequences could be taken against me, so I called and a gentleman answered I waited for a moment when nobody said hello he then said can I help you very abruptly and I said I don't know you just left a message stating that I could face legal consequences if I don't call you back he then hung up fast. I have reported the number to bbb.


8884883103 or +18884883103

Jim commented 2019-02-11
recording states that the call is about security software that they installed on my computer ...I hung up at that point and blocked # total scam


8005916713 or +18005916713

Les commented 2019-02-11
It was a social security office saying my social security was used for fraud and a case was opened up against me


8886564798 or +18886564798

Nida commented 2019-02-11
I also receiving phone calls from this number saying to call them and they will reimburse my money because the company is closing down and they have been told to do this.


9802222804 or +19802222804

fateh commented 2019-02-11


4157998167 or +14157998167

Alex commented 2019-02-11
This phone number is signed as Social Security Scam


8663513555 or +18663513555

Faheda Rasool commented 2019-02-11
I called about my paypal account and they told me there was someone attempting to hack my account and that I needed to go buy a $100 google card and call this direct number back once I do so the guy on the line can fix the account. I immediately hung up knowing that was a scam. Please don’t be fooled by this number.


9134167838 or +19134167838

Phillip carr commented 2019-02-11


9146082990 or +19146082990

Peter Robinson commented 2019-02-11
You receive a call from this number, never answer. Bigtime scammers. Keeps calling till you pick up.


5614214415 or +15614214415

wh commented 2019-02-11
same exact comment as traci's above called about my sister, left case number and vague unfo. I called back and pressed about their company name, they said "client services" i said, oh, generic name, what's your website? at this time they got aggressive and said "you sure are asking alot of questions without giving us any info." i said I want to know exactly who I am speaking with, and then they HUNG UP! it's a scam.


4157998167 or +14157998167

Shelia commented 2019-02-11
Robo voice saying to call this moment because they found many suspicious activities on your social before we suspend your number call them back


8007772186 or +18007772186

AP commented 2019-02-11
Seems like a SS scam. Got an automated call that was saying my SSN had fraudulent activity and it would be deactivated. Clicked 1 to see what it was about go transferred to some call center. Guy had an a weird accent immediately disconnected and blocked the number.


5136338309 or +15136338309

Me commented 2019-02-11


4695667678 or +14695667678

johirul commented 2019-02-11
we need


8663063224 or +18663063224

chris commented 2019-02-11


4408151153 or +14408151153

Sherry sroka commented 2019-02-11
440 81151153 sick of people not knowing how to dial right then the person on the other end gets argument towards me for finding out who called my damn number


7323694148 or +17323694148

Wes commented 2019-02-11
Call wait. Hang up.. No voice