Forum to exchange information about phone numbers in the US


6467412392 or +16467412392

Jame commented 2017-03-29
Helping to get compensation money for Injury due to accident with no cost to me. Happy


9176747992 or +19176747992

Tyler Williams commented 2017-03-29
I really need to keep that appointment tomorrow as we've had to cancel twice in the past due to snow... Please get back to me at your earliest convenience so I can get the address of your office thanks again. My number is 914-400-7533.


9176747992 or +19176747992

Tyler Williams commented 2017-03-29
Hi, I've been trying to reach you to get your address. I have an appointment with you tomorrow and need the correct spelling of your name and address. Thank you.


7736869503 or +17736869503

Linda Summers commented 2017-03-29
I bought duty free at the airport 27/03/2017 and was told it would be waiting for me when I board the plane. However, the Duty Free went to Terminal 5 and not terminal 3 and the plane had to leave without my Duty Free goods. Because I had paid cash and not with my card they couldn't refund me. I was told to get in touch with this mumber by RGDS SUE/OPS AND CASHIER ZOILA. TRANSACTIONN NUMBER 26684 Please call on +44 208 501 2246 Cell +44 7845 439934 email I have 2 receipts that can be scanned over to you. Thank you Linda Summers


4806469118 or +14806469118

Anonymous commented 2017-03-29
Need to find who's number


7144887704 or +17144887704

Ailyn Mateo commented 2017-03-29
Sir Long time I'm trying to contact you I am a second buyer of your house in barangay innocencio in trece martirez cavite if you still remember. I really need your help so that the title of the house will transfer under my name I need you SPA and any valid ids because I ilke to continue the payment in pag ibig please sir reply asap.. you can message me in my email you very much


4088520067 or +14088520067

scs swiss commented 2017-03-29
need the company name.


6067330091 or +16067330091

Jane commented 2017-03-29
This number won't stop harrasing me


2247069566 or +12247069566

ICQ Legit commented 2017-03-29
Kindly call me +63 926 772 3849


9493933063 or +19493933063

Hacker commented 2017-03-29
This guy is a lier and hacker


5123844198 or +15123844198

Dewi commented 2017-03-29
Can i get some informations about this number? Thank you


9496561764 or +19496561764

Roy commented 2017-03-29
Who's number


5072719543 or +15072719543

Akram commented 2017-03-29
Where are you mizzzzz uuu


4145010116 or +14145010116

Shay commented 2017-03-29
No comment


8045558979 or +18045558979

smith commented 2017-03-29
what is this number for?


6076575376 or +16076575376

Ruthann commented 2017-03-29
Why are they calling me.


4252308291 or +14252308291

Rosa commented 2017-03-29
Who is this calling?


4156535216 or +14156535216

anonymous commented 2017-03-29
its Yelp marketers


2674753578 or +12674753578

GP commented 2017-03-29
Got an email from this number with a text attachment that said "I'm on my way." T-Mobile phone used by sender.


6082162419 or +16082162419

Titus commented 2017-03-29
Just need to check if this number is legit from the company called