Detailed information about +14843653161 or 4843653161 phone number in Bethlehem Pennsylvania US

4843653161 or +14843653161


Titus commented 2017-07-21
a woman I met online gave me this number +14843653161. She is not who she said. The number is not a mobile phone number and she is not a tourist in US. She is a Russian scammer. Do not engage, do not send money!

Jackson commented 2017-07-21
I confirm, number 0014843653161 is a hoax.

Bart commented 2017-07-21
This person is a liar and a scammer! This woman pretends to be a Russian in vacation in Philadelphia. She even posted that in her online dating profile. The truth is she is a Russian scammer IN Russia. I wrote to her profile, she answered and immediately gave me her number to text her on whatsapp. The number she gave me seemed weird for a mobile so I did a little research. The returned results in 3 different places are this: Area Code (NPA):484 Exchange Code (NXX):365 City:Oxford County:Chester State:Pennsylvania (PA) Time Zone: Eastern Standard Time (EST) NXX Usage Type:Landline Since when landlines are accepted numbers for whatsapp? They are not! Only virtual numbers are! And VOIP numbers are geographic! Why the Russian in vacation in Philadelphia needed to travel 125 miles to a village to buy a sim card to use it back in the city? But really!!! Turns out that all the lies were for one purpose: money scamming. Stay away, stay safe

Hans commented 2017-07-21
I joined a dating site about 2 months ago. I browsed lots of profiles there and I wrote to the ones with more than one photo and a self description. Scammers got smarter apparently as they learned they need a full profile. At least, this one did. She replied right away and we started chatting. Women don't usually give out their phone numbers right away and voluntarily. This one did, saying to contact her on viber or whatsapp. It did sounded suspicious to me but I said to myself not to be paranoid. She seemed nice enough, she pointed out several times she is an avid traveler and that she is currently in US visiting friends. I was confused why someone would use a local US number for whatsapp while is free of charge worldwide, anyways. But she seemed nice enough as I said so I rode with it. A month later when she said she was back in Russia she still used the US number. I asked her why and she said that our communication is important, not the number she uses. Anyways, weeks passed and I suggested to meet. She said then she would love to but she spent all her savings on vacation. So I said that I would buy her the plane ticket, cover all her costs and she agreed. I sent her 1000 euros. The minute she received the money, she vanished, SCAM!!!

Adam commented 2017-07-21
scam number . A woman posting on dating sites pretends to be on a vacation in US, PA. This is not a real mobile number as she claims, it is an internet one. She is actually in Russia. She tries to lure naive men only to scam them for money in the end. Be aware

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